Swiss Quality in Ion channel Services


B’SYS presents its latest electronic and microfluidic developments to broaden its existing array of liquid handling platforms for manual patch-clamp recordings.

Having analyzed the shortcomings of traditional and novel commercially available compound application systems for rapid and timely precise application of dosing solutions to the patch-clamped cell, B’SYS has developed its proprietary dosing system consisting of a highly repeatable and highly resolved pressure/flow controller and a microfluidic application system that allows for:

  • Conducting electrophysiology studies consuming very low volumes of reagents and test solutions
  • Tests with antibodies or natural compounds with limited availability
  • Ultra-low volume application (flow rates ranging from 500 picolitres per second to – 1.6 microlitres per second)
  • Closed loop flow/pressure and optical and electrophysiology feedback - controlled application of ultra-low volumes to the recording chamber
  • Precise gating of compound solutions with short onset- and offset rates, respectively
  • Contamination-free application and removal of test solutions to keep recording chambers clean
  • Working in laminar flow conditions
  • For special requirements jet-modes or high frequency applications are available (water-water in open bath, air-liquid, air-solid, 2 pL per pulse).
  • Ease of setup and working with various flow and pressure setups and the selection of suitable application nozzles


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