Swiss Quality in Ion channel Services


Gene: KCNA5

KV1.5 Standard throughput time 2-4 weeks (draft)
Source human
Expression system mammalian (CHO), stable expression
Method manual and automated patch-clamping and fluorescence (FlexStation/FLIPR)
Quality level high quality functional assay and fluorescence assay
Reference Terfenadine (IC50: 2.9 µM), Nifedipine (IC50: 45.5 µM), S9947 (IC50 steady state: 0.6 µM, IC50 peak current: 17.6 µM)

References, further examples

Besartan, Aminodarone, Diclofenac, Meclo fenamate
+  Cardiac toxicity / safety relevant ion channel test
+  Antiarrhytmic screening