Swiss Quality in Ion channel Services


As a contract research organization (CRO) B‘SYS provides assistance to pharmaceutical settings in Ion Channel Discovery. The company focuses on the fast screening of new substances on ion channel drug targets. B‘SYS‘ technological innovation serves electrophysiological tools for HTS Drug Discovery needs in lead identification and candidate selection.


Generation of data is accomplished in GLP environment. State of the art equipment is used for analysis of test items. Produced study results of any test item can be traced back to original analysis raw data, including the SOPs effective at that time, the storage conditions of test item and the staff training records.


Speed, accuracy and efficiency at B‘SYS help our sponsors succeed and bring new medicines to market faster. We know the value of your compounds, only qualified personnel handles your promising substances. Time to start and time to report of B‘SYS studies is maintained at a minimum.


It´s B‘SYS‘ people who work on your projects. We speak English, German, French and Italian. We have the scientific background and experience to deliver optimal results. We actively promote innovation & development in ion channel research.