CiPA cell line set

All recombinant ion channel targets are fully validated and available for screening purposes. B‘SYS continuously expands its library of ion channels. Please contact us for more information about other ion channel targets not outlined in the table below. [email protected]

Target Gene Disorder Cell Type Expression Datasheet
NaV1.5 duo  SCN5A LQT Syndrome 3 CHO constitutive CHO NaV1.5 DUO
KV4.3 KChip  KCND3 - CHO constitutive CHO Kv4.3 KChIP
CaV1.2  CACNA1C/CACNB2/ CACNA2D - HEK 293 inducible HEK CaV1.2
hERG Duo  KCNH2 LQT Syndrome 2 CHO constitutive CHO hERG DUO
KVLQT1/minK KCNQ1/KCNE1 LQT Syndrome 1/5 CHO constitutive CHO KvLQT1/minK
Kir2.1  KCNJ2 LQT Syndrome CHO constitutive CHO Kir2.1